Ways We’re Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Social responsibility has always been a priority for us; As members of our neighbourhood, our city and our world, we feel a responsibility to contribute to the health and well-being of ourselves and those around us.

Whether it’s sponsoring marginalized youth so they can attend Farm and Wilderness Camp to learn about organic farming, cooking & nutrition, wilderness skills, dance, music, and arts or by committing to buying food supplies from local producers in our region who grow delicious food in ecologically friendly ways, we believe we’re capable of making a difference every day in so many ways. Today, we’re focusing on ways we’re making greener choices at the shop.

Did you know that food waste is a huge contributor to methane production? Landfills are one of the largest sources of methane production in the country and food waste is the largest component filling up our landfills. According to National Geographic, “Producing the food we throw away generates more greenhouse gases than most entire countries do,” that’s 135 million tons of greenhouse gases each year. When we waste food, we’re also wasting valuable natural resources, including land, water, labor, and energy. 25% of our freshwater supply and 300 million barrels of oil are used to produce food that is wasted. Those stats don’t sit well with us and never have.

We’ve been working hard to reduce our environmental footprint at the shop for as long as we can remember. Here are a few ways we’re keeping it green…

– Our business itself reduces our impact; we shop locally and cook from scratch for almost 1000 people a day, which means those same people are not shopping and cooking and wasting food.

– Our meals get eaten; often the food we purchased in grocery stores ends up in the garbage. Our portioned dinners mean less waste created by your family.

– We compost our scraps and send it to our farmers who use it to feed their livestock

– Last year we purchased 2 Chevrolet Bolt electric cars for deliveries. It’s twice as energy efficient as gas powered cars and produces fewer green house gases.

– Two years ago we installed our garden wall and grow a variety of herbs, edible flowers and greens that we use in our meals.

– Our ingredients come to us with little to no packaging and any there is gets recycled properly. It costs a little more for blue bin and cardboard pick up each week, but we believe it’s an important step in reducing our impact.

– We recently decided to move to 100% compostable boxes made from sugarcane from Galligreen for our to-go meals.

We’re always open to suggestions on ways we can make our footprint even smaller, so if you’ve got ideas for us feel free to stop in and let us know. Our customers are some of our greatest sources of inspiration!