Vendor Spotlight: Enright Cattle Co

Where’s the beef? Well, it’s just outside Tweed Ontario…and at The Red Apron!

Enright Cattle Company is a fourth generation family-run farm owned and operated by Darold and Kara Enright and their kids Corben and Evelyn. They raise pure bred black and red Simmental cattle just south of Tweed, Ontario and strive to raise the best quality beef possible while maintaining exceptional animal welfare practices, making environmentally conscious decisions and building a sustainable business in agriculture. The Enright family ensures that the cattle are fed a balanced diet with the help of their crops and their nutritionist, Dave Murray. The animals are eating an all-vegetable diet with no artificial hormones and practice rotational grazing. This not only increases the efficiency of the animals nutrition but the sustainability of the pasture as well. All this attention to detail produces cuts that are noticeably more tender and tasty, and of course, trustworthy. As many of us are leaning in to a more sustainably produced diet, Enright Cattle Company is leading the pack with its innovative practices and commitment to providing the highest quality beef, made right in our backyard.

At Enright, nothing goes to waste. We use as much of our animals as possible. While beef is our main business, we sell bones for soup, make soap from fat, our offal goes into gourmet dog food and treats, and we craft gorgeous leather goods from our hides. Even our animals’ manure goes back into our fields as fertilizer.  – Enright Cattle Co.

Darold and Kara are also relentless in their efforts to create as little waste as possible. At Enright Leather, each hide is distinct, telling the story of its previous life. They embrace their leather’s heritage, rather than trying to buff it out, so your piece will be completely unique, growing in character as it ages. Canadian artisan James M. Brooks creates soft, full-grain leather tanned right here in Ontario, with classic lines, and simple details that never go out of style.

Here at The Red Apron, we’ve been long time supporters of Enright Cattle Co as theirs is the only beef we use in our beef dishes. We also stock their all-beef hot dogs in our freezer section as part of our ‘for the grill’ section of our freezer in the warmer months.

This Thursday we’re cooking up a traditional roast beef dinner that includes; Roast Enright Beef with House Made Gravy, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Herb Buttered Cauliflower with Cabbage, Peas & Carrots, Yorkshire Pudding and of course, Spotted Dick (English Steamed Currant Pudding) with Vanilla Custard. To order yours and get a taste of quality, local Enright Cattle Co beef give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll get your order in the system.

If you’d like to support Enright beyond this, you can order Kara’s Selection Boxes directly from their website and they’ll deliver right to your door.