Well it happens occasionally.  We rely on technology for so much of what we do every day and we expect it to always be there for us, and to be good to us.  But occasionally, technology lets us down.  It seems that when this happens we feel cheated, abandoned and betrayed.

This was a bad technology week for me.  First, our printer died on Tuesday.  Since when did printers become disposable?  It seems that nothing gets repaired anymore, as the cost to repair a $400 printer is $400 and the cost to replace it is $129.99.  So, I lost an entire day on Tuesday re-installing, reconfiguring and catching up on lost print jobs.

Just when I thought I had recovered, and paid my debt to the evil technology gods for another 6 months, I was let down….again.  Today, while trying to send gift certificates for Red Apron meals to a small group of Tracy Arnett clients – people who had purchased a house with her during the last few weeks – my email system somehow (still can’t figure that one out) managed to send gift certificates to all 1200 of our subscribed customers.

You know that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when something truly horrifying is happening?  Well, that was the feeling I had when I saw the rash of responses from our honest clients pointing out that some mistake must have been made.  Lucky for me, you are all good people, with an excellent sense of humour.  What started out as a disaster, has turned into one of the funnier afternoons I have had in a long time.

When I had recovered enough to prepare and send out the ‘Oops – I made a mistake’ message, I received a number of very funny responses.  There was the excited reply from one client who exclaimed ‘For a few minutes, I thought my husband had gone all out for Valentine’s Day and bought me a house!‘.  There was the disappointed reply from one person who summed it up quite simply,  ‘Rats‘.  There was the long time client who noted ‘Wow, I better start paying closer attention to those e-mails!’  But my favourite of the day was regular subscriber to our weekly dinner service who replied with ‘Thank goodness, I was worried I had bought a house and couldn’t remember.’

Thank you to all for your understanding and good humour, and have a fantastic weekend!