On The Menu: Youth Now Farm Pork

If you’re a customer of The Red Apron, you know we love to keep it local. Especially when keeping it local also supports innovative organizations that promote youth engagement in farming and food.

The Youth Now Farm is an innovative farming project launched in 2017. It brings together key agricultural activities with youth engagement, youth skills development, mentorship and employment opportunities. This farming project is set to increase food production for Ottawa residents, raise awareness of and access to locally grown food, support the positive development of marginalized youth, and benefit the community and agriculture industry through youth engagement and training.

Photo via Edible Ottawa

The Youth Now Farm is located on Russell Road in Ottawa on over 70 acres of land that they lease from the National Capital Commission (NCC). Currently, they conduct the following activities:

  • Raise pigs and turkeys for meat to sell
  • Raise horses for youth programming, to help youth build trust, connection, skills and marketable skills
  • Run a market garden to produce and sell a variety of vegetables and other foods on the roadside and locally
  • Produce hay to feed livestock and to sell excess to local farmers

    We’ve been supporting Youth Now Farm through their growing season but we recently received a unique opportunity to purchase an abundance of their pork and this Thursday we’re featuring it in our Dinners In The Bag meal. On the menu is a Marinated ‘Youth Now’ Pork Souvlaki with Smokey Tahini Sauce served alongside Herbed Lemon Rice, Greek Salad with Cucumber, Olives, Peppers, Tomatoes & Feta Cheese and Greek Style Pita Bread. For dessert, a Pistachio Semolina Cake with Maple Glaze.

    Give us a call or send an email to reserve your meal and support a great initiative by chowing down on a delicious meal!