One of the perks of working at the Red Apron is our ‘Staff Lunch’.  Each day at around noon, tummies start to rumble and someone is assigned the task of making lunch.  This is a great way to initiate new employees – to see if they can actually cook.  Most often lunch is inspired by a food craving – we get a lot of food cravings around here. Today, the smell of cheese melting in the oven at 10am caused a major craving for one of my all time favourite comfort food combinations:  Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and a bowl of Tomato Soup.

When I was a kid this combination was Campbell’s Tomato Soup (always made with milk, not water) and grilled white bread with cheese slices.  Good….but pales in comparison to the options available in our kitchens today.  Just this month, Bon Appetit featured a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich on their front cover – made with artisanal bread, braised beef short-ribs, and aged cheese.

We created our lunch today starting with a whole loaf of ‘Art-is-In’ Buttermilk Multigrain (a fantastic bread for grilling or toasting).  We used only the best 2 year old raw milk Quebec cheddar (Isle aux Grues of course), and we served it with our house made tomato soup (saute onions, garlic & fennel, deglaze with white wine, add some canned diced tomatoes, salt, pepper, puree & finish with cream) and a little Apple Mango Chutney on the side.


As we enjoyed our afternoon ritual of gathering our Red Apron Family around the table to enjoy a few peaceful moments together, we were transported back to another place and time so, to re-live our earliest memories of this classic and comforting combination.  It honestly doesn’t get any better than this.

Did we mention today how much we love what we do??