Looking for the good…in hard times

We could all use a little good news and it’s out there, you just have to dig for it. In our own little world, we will have managed (by Thursday this week) to donate 1000 dinners to our community to help those in need through our partnership with Parkdale Food Centre . We feel very proud of this accomplishment because we achieved this at a time when the world was changing daily. Our team has worked incredibly hard to feed our customers, so it wasn’t easy to squeeze out an additional 1000 meals for donation, but we did it! The food has gone to organizations like Cornerstone Housing for Women, and Somerset West Community Health Centre, to name a few.

Similar initiatives have popped up in our community, led by a Restaurant Industry which has been devastated by this Pandemic. Over 800,000 restaurant industry workers have lost their jobs but some of them still find a way to give back to the community.

Jo-Ann at Marcie’s Cafe has a go fund me campaign that will allow her to cook for the community in need. Chef Jo Thottungal at Thali Restaurant has also partnered with the Ottawa Community Foundation to provide meals to our community, using chefs from Ottawa’s many closed restaurants to cook meals for those in need.

One of our clients was inspired by our efforts to feed our community, and wanted to donate to these efforts. It gave us the idea to create a page where others could donate too. If you choose to make a contribution to these efforts, we assure you that this money will go ‘exclusively’ towards providing meals through our Parkdale partnership – providing food to those in need in our community.

There are many other great examples of people in our community doing good things for each other. Even the smallest thing can be a big help at times like this. For example;

Check in on neighbours to see if they need help. The elderly or those with very young children might be struggling to get out for groceries. If you are healthy and able you might be able to run an errand or two on their behalf.

Order in dinner from your favourite restaurants. Many of them are starting to offer take away meals. They need your support right now. Edible Ottawa has created an excellent list of local businesses that need your support right now.

Support those on the front lines with meals and gift cards. For those providing front line services and support and working hard during this pandemic, finding time to shop or cook can be a real challenge. We have been overwhelmed with people buying food for others, like the client who is picking up 50 meals and 50 cookies this Saturday to deliver to the respiratory care ward of one of our Ottawa Hospitals. It’s a beautiful thing to bear witness to.

Give blood. We all have it and we can all spare a little.

Leave messages of hope and positivity. Whether it’s a picture in your window facing the street, a joke left on a billboard or signpost, or a message of love painted on a rock, there are so many ways to leave little ‘Easter Eggs’ of hope for people to find.

And finally, during this desperate time, look for the good things every day. They are there, in abundance.

Take care, be well, and be kind,