House-made Preserves

Pickles & Preserves at The Red Apron

Savour the taste of summer captured in a jar. Our Preserves and pickles are made using ingredients from our many local growers and producers. Our fruit jams are made with significantly less sugar that typical recipes, allowing the flavour of the fruit to shine through.

Bread & Butter Pickles are tangy and sweet and can be enjoyed on their own, on a cheese plate, or you favourite burger

Tomato Corn Salsa is the perfect pairing for our Against-the-Grain tortilla chips, for dipping or for nachos

House Spiced Nuts this combination of nuts roasted with sweet and savoury spices is addictive and flies off the shelf faster than we can make them. They make the perfect pairing for a cheese plate, but that’s only the beginning!

Pickled Beets this old-fashioned classic stands the test of time for a reason. Healthy and delicious, they will make a beautiful garnish for any meal.

Strawberry Peach Jam is simple and delicate and just what you need with some clotted cream and our house made sweet scones

Apple Sour Cherry Jam eats like an apple sauce, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to roast pork or chicken

Tomato Jam is a perfect substitute for that old stand by – ketchup. It pairs well with our meat pies, especially the seasonal tourtière and is great for dipping your grilled cheese, or topping your macaroni & cheese.

Please note that all varieties are not available at all times.