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We now have some incredibly delectable and delightful wines available for purchase in store!

Rachis & Derma Gamay Noir 2019, Beamsville, ON.

This wine is from the natural series label Rachis & Derma under the certified organic Hidden Bench Estate Winery. Loosely translated to skin and bones this wine is unfined, and unfiltered and sees nothing but a tiny bit of sulphur at bottling. Interesting and inviting nose of savoury/earthy plums, dark cherries, and bramble. Complex on the palate with subtle tannins and a vibrant finish.

 Long Dog Winery Inc

Inflorescence Sparkling Gamay Noir, Milford, ON.  This wine will bring a smile to your face, once it hits your lips and dances on the tongue you will see what I mean. This Gamay is done in the Charmet Method, the bubbles are so soft and lovely! Loaded with dark fruits, cherry and blackberry. Enjoy well chilled.

Trail Estate Winery – 

Pet Nat, PEC. 68% Muscat Ottonel, 28% Pinot Gris and the balance Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Geisenheim. Fermented on the skins for just over a week before being pressed and blended. At the time of bottling this wine shows beautiful fruit and acidity with a touch of tannin from time spent on skins. As the ferment progresses and the wine ages in bottle it takes on more of a quirky character – like a sour beer met a cider while hanging around a fruity sparkling wine.*Heads up* Chill well and Go slow when opening. Release the crown cap slowly, don’t pop it off right away. Allow for it to calm down and then enjoy!

Trail Estate Winery, 2020 Supersonic, Hillier, ON. PEC.These handpicked grapes were pressed whole-cluster as sloooooowly as possible and put straight to stainless steel. A small amount of juice was added at bottling to let the wine re-ferment in bottle and give it bubbles. Zero sulphur added. A beautiful purple-ish hue and an unmistakable flavour. A taste of classic grape juice with a touch of spritz; this is a fun wine!

Hinterland Winery-

L’Imparfait Négociant Famille Pinot is equal parts Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer. This light, layered blend is a McMillan and Hinterland collaboration. It has a lighter palate and great structure. Pair with pork, roast duck, mushroom or grilled vegetable dishes.

Burdock Brewery

Located in Toronto, this is not quite a wine but it’s from Ontario, it’s unique and therefore perfect for our shelves.

Burdock Brewery, Saison du Must ii (9%) Fresh beer aged for 3 weeks on Gewürztraminer skins from Niagara on the Lake. A very serious nostril stimulator, excellently aromatic.

Burdock Brewery, Lees (5.1%) A blend of barrel-aged beers and fresh beer aged on Riesling lees in stainless. Riesling Lees = the yeast remnants of wine fermentation. It brings funk, acid and texture to the party. Drinks like a bright, rustic saison with lemon rind acidity.

Burdock Brewery, Sea Barrel 23 (6.3%) Beer aged on both freshly pressed 2019 Chardonnay and Riesling skins from Pearl Morrissette then barrel aged in oak for 1 year. Aged again in stainless with sea buckthorns for one month and bottle conditioned for 1 year. Tastes like little popping orange bursts of sunshine!

Burdock Brewery, IPA du Vin (7%) IPA blended with Riesling and Gewurtzraminer. Drinks real nice!


Stanners Pinot Gris Cuivre 2019, Hillier, ON (PEC). This Pinot Gris has a beautiful copper colour which comes from leaving the skins in contact with the juice for 72 hours prior to pressing and fermentation. The wine is dry with a balanced acidity, just a touch of tannins and enticing flavours of apricot and orange zest. There is an intriguing counterbalance between the perceived sweetness of the fruit flavours at the beginning and the pleasant acidity of the finish.

Queylus Winery,

Domaine Queylus Cabernet Franc Tradition 2018, St. Anns, ON (Niagara) This wine is grown in the Niagara Peninsula, an incredibly rich-yet-nuanced terroir based wine. Blended with a tiny percentage of Merlot from the same vineyard this wine presents classic aromas of herbed dark fruit, great minerality and earthy fruit on the palate.

Paradise Grapevine

2019 Cabernet Franc. Toronto. ON. Paradise Grapevine is a natural wine bar and winery with a small team of wine makers producing bright and lively low intervention wines. Their fruit is sourced from Niagara where most of the fruit is grown using organic methods. All fermentation is done via indigenous/wild yeast with little sulphur added. This Cab Franc is structurally lean with a fruity profile of blackberry, mulberry, bell peppers, and violets.

Therianthropy Winery This winery is playful and whimsical with its branding using the term therianthropy, the mythological process of shapeshifting. Wine is just that grapes + wild yeast = wine, transformation into something truly delicious.

David Eagle Gamay 2019, Clearview, ON. This vintage shows bright red berry fruit with loads of white pepper and violets. The high acidity gives it a vibrancy that should allow it to age nicely, or you can enjoy it now!

2019 Claire de Lune Riesling, Clearview ON. Allowed to soften and age in bottle for 24 months. This dry riesling has bright acidity, with notes of dried apricot, lemon, orange blossom, honey, and petrol.

2019 Mouflon Viognier Riesling, Clearview ON. Words From the wine maker; 
“This was an experiment. Our very first orange wine and I wanted to be adventurous, aiming to give it an extended period of skin contact. Very risky, some said, when we left it on its skins (whole stems) for five months. But throughout the period it delighted me with its aromatic beauty and complexity. I’m so happy with what we captured in bottle and I can’t wait to make this wine every year. You might find blood orange, grapefruit, white gummy bear, dried apricot, cinnamon and a hint of pine forest, with a long warm, round finish.

Lighthall Vineyard

2019 Pinot Noir (Les Jumeaux) Hillier, ON. (PEC) This vintage showcases great ripeness, with a huge concentration of cherry flavour. Vanilla, raspberry, and notes of dark earth lead the aroma into the deep palate of black forest cake, black pepper, and amerena cherry.

Please note that our stock is popular and not all wines are are available at all times.