Gifts for the Foodie

Goodness: Recipes & Stories

The Neal Brothers own a Toronto based food distribution company that carries gourmet condiments and innovative snack foods.  The book offers a collection of recipes and stories that celebrate chefs, entrepreneurs, growers and food activists from across Canada who have dedicated their careers to supporting sustainability, promoting access to healthy food, and providing outreach and education. Fifty percent of the books profit is donated to the Community Food Centres Canada, bringing people in low-income communities together to grow, cook, share and advocate for healthy food for all.

Real Food – What to Eat & Why

Nina Planck first published this book in 2006 but her message has become even more important in the last 10 years.  Nina champions the benefits of eating real food, sourced as close to home as possible, as a means of battling the epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.  Her thoroughly researched and common sense approach to eating offers a refreshing alternative to fad diets and over processed convenience foods. A must-read for anyone concerned about their health, and the environment.

Earth to Table

Seasonal Recipes from an Organic Farm – Jeff Crump (Executive Chef) and Bettina Schormann (Pastry Chef) collaborated on this tribute to local (Ontario) farmers and ingredients.  Moving through the seasons, and using only what can be sourced locally, Jeff & Bettina remind us on every page how important it is for us to appreciate and value the hard work that small farmers put into providing us with good food to eat.  They practice what they preach, and what they preach is what we, at the Red Apron, believe in firmly.


Recipes & Stories from a Canadian Road Trip – Two years ago, Lindsay Anderson & Dana Vanveller – foodies & adventurers – visited our shop on their cross Canada journey. Along the way, they took pictures, made friends, and tasted everything from whale blubber to bannock to  pemmican.  This beautiful book documents that journey, as well as many of the delicious recipes they picked up along the way, including our own contribution of Bison, Butternut & Cranberry Pie. Buy this book to use as a guide to your next Canadian adventure!

Cheese Lover

Know any cheese lovers? Our assortment of house made preserves are the perfect accompaniment to your cheese & charcuterie platter.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed? This combination is the perfect gift for someone who could use a little down time. Spoil yourself with our assortment of morning treats.

First Time Cook

Good & Cheap makes the perfect gift for the young person in your life, just leaving home for the first time. It’s recipes focus on healthy ingredients, are simple to follow, and are perfect for someone on a budget.

Hummingbird Chocolate

Famous, Award-winning, Artisan, bean-to-bar, local chocolate, made in Almonte, Canada.

Naturally Nourished

Sarah Britton, author of My New Roots, and known as the original ‘healthy food blogger’, has released her second cookbook. In this new book she offers healthy, vegetarian recipes, made with accessible, everyday ingredients.