Giving Thanks at the Red Apron

This is the time of year for expressing gratitude for our abundance – of food, friend, family and good fortune. This year, we cooked Thanksgiving dinner for over 1500 people in Ottawa. Our team worked extra hard to make this happen, as this volume is in addition to what we do in an average week of lunches, dinners, daycare meals, take home meals, etc. And we executed it flawlessly, if I do say so myself.

Maria holding Cabbage & Squash from Rideau Pines Farm

The services we provide to the community are important, and the choices we make for our ingredients are ones I am extremely proud of. We could choose to support factory farms, large producers, and importers of food from far away places. In fact, in Canada most fruits and vegetables are transported at least 2,500 km from their point of origin to your table. But at the Red Apron we choose to support local growers and producers as much as possible. 

So this Thanksgiving I would like to first express gratitude for the abundance of food we are able to source from our farmers. It’s an honour to be part of this local food chain. But most importantly I want to acknowledge and thank the Red Apron Team, the people who make this all happen. We are fortunate to work with the most amazing group of talented, dedicated and hard working people who put care and attention into everything they do. And I feel privileged to be part of their team.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And for all those leftovers I am sharing a link to a Food Network Article on using up that extra turkey!