Feature Supplier: Ironwood Organics

If you’ve ever chatted with one of us in the shop, you know how much we love to gush about our hardworking suppliers and their locally grown goodies. This week we wanted to introduce you to the remarkable husband and wife team Mary and Chris Wooding, owners of Ironwood Organics located 90km southwest of Ottawa in Athens, Ontario.

Started in 2004 with a desire to grow enough for self-sufficiency, Ironwood Organics now farms on 170 acres and produces landrace cereal grains (“landrace” = plants that contain genetic diversity which results in plants that are disease resistance, and can adapt over several generations to their local soils and climate) as well as hops & malts, landrace open-pollinated varieties of heritage beans, buckwheat and heritage varieties of organic potatoes. In addition to all of that, they also supplies grain to the craft beer market and the farm is further diversified with a small hops yard, a vegetable CSA, nut orchard, top bar bees, forest permaculture and climate change adaptation. We highly recommend a visit to their website to learn about all these crops in further detail or to schedule a visit to the farm to volunteer, share a meal and get to know these incredible farmers.

From open pollinated / landrace seed, to organic farming practices, to local food and CSAs, Ironwood maintains a deep commitment to sustainable agriculture. To Mary and Chris, this sustainability means being able to farm forever while building soil, building community and building health. After many years tending to the health of their community through farming, the roles were reversed last summer when Chris was diagnosed with cancer and prepared to take some time off to fight the illness. The community rallied together and provided meals and support for Chris and Mary and we were thrilled to have recently heard that Chris has received a clean bill of health. It’s a special thing to see a community come together to support someone who has spent so much time ensuring the health of others through their work.

This Thursday we’ll be featuring Ironwood Organics potatoes in our Dinner to Your Door menu. The meal is packed with good eats made with local ingredients like ‘Saveurs des Monts Local Pork Sausages with Corn Relish & Sauerkraut, Steamed Ironwood Organics Potatoes with Brown Butter & Herbs, Romain, Radicchio & Red Cabbage Salad with Smoked Cheddar & Apple Cider Vinaigrette, House Made Sausage Buns and a sweet Maple Apple Strudel with Pecans in Puff Pastry for dessert. Give us a call or send an email to reserve yours today and get a taste of locally grown, heritage potatoes.