Red Apron FAQs

Below you’ll find a list of common questions we receive about our menus, services, or prices. If you have more questions, or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Questions about the Gourmet Store

Do I need to order in advance before coming to your store to shop?
Our retail store is open from Monday through Saturday and is always well stocked with fresh and frozen items that do not need to be pre-ordered. However if you are looking for the daily ‘Fresh Meal Service’, orders must be received at least 24 hours in advance of the date of service.

Do you have a complete menu online of all the items available in the Gourmet Shoppe?
We cook seasonally and change our ingredients and menus frequently. We update our list of what’s available throughout the day. See Fresh on the Shelf.

What if I have food allergies, or don’t like a particular ingredient?
Our Gourmet Shoppe is well stocked with a wide variety of items to suit most dietary restrictions. Our meals are marked if they are made without dairy (DF), made without gluten (GF), vegetarian (V) or Vegan. Cross contamination in our kitchen is always a risk so we do not recommend our food for those with severe food allergies.

Questions about Dinner to your Door

Do I need to be a ‘Member’ to order?
Membership simply means that we have created an account for you and are able to take your order. The first time you order we will need to take your contact information and address for delivery purposes. We will also need to discuss payment options with you. We do not take payment information by email. After your account has been created you will be able to place orders by phone or email. All orders will be confirmed.

What is the difference between ‘ongoing’ and ‘by the week’ service?
’Ongoing’ dinner service provides you with dinner every week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You can also choose ongoing service for any one, or combination of those days. For example every Tuesday & Thursday of each week, or every Wednesday. You will receive your meal each week until such time as you suspend or withdraw your subscription.
‘By the week’ dinner service provides you with the opportunity to choose specific weeks or days of the week for service. You may even want to choose weeks or days, based on your scheduled activities and workload.

Can I choose to pick up my dinners instead of having them delivered?
Yes, dinners may be picked up on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the red apron between 1:00 & closing.

What if I am not at home to receive my Dinner?
Most of our clients are not at home when we deliver. We ask that you place a hard-sided cooler on your porch (or an accessible location) and we will put your meal into the cooler. Your cooler should be placed in a shaded area and have a few ice packs in it, especially during the warmer months. The cooler is not only to keep your fresh food from getting warm or freezing, but it also protects your meal from animals, specifically those nosy squirrels.

Can you deliver to my place of work?
We can deliver to your workplace if our drivers are able to leave the meal with a centralized reception or shipping area that is easily accessible. Our drivers are not able to call before delivering, or to wait for you to come to receive the meal. The drivers have until 4:30 complete all their deliveries.

Can you deliver to my apartment or condo?
We can deliver to your apartment or condo if you are home to buzz the driver into your building, or if your building manager, concierge, or superintendent is willing to receive the meal on your behalf.

How do I stop the service?
Contact us by phone or email least 24 hours prior to the date you wish service to suspend or terminate. We are unable to accept same day cancellations.

What time will I receive my delivery?
Red Apron meals are delivered between 1:30 and 4:30pm The delivery route depends on the number and location of the day’s deliveries. If you have not received your meal by 4pm, please contact us and we will attempt to reach the driver. Rarely, inclement weather or bad traffic prevents our meal from arriving before 4:30.

What if I have food allergies, or don’t like a particular ingredient?
For our ‘Fresh Meal Service’ we are unable to make modifications or substitutions. Although we can provide a list of ingredients upon request, cross contamination is always a risk and those with life threatening allergies should not consider our food ‘safe’. If you have any food allergies or sensitivities you need to make sure we are aware of those every time you order a meal. We do not have a system that can track individual allergies.

Our Gourmet Shoppe is well stocked with a wide variety of items to suit most dietary restrictions. Our meals are marked if they are made without dairy (DF), made without gluten (GF), vegetarian (V) or Vegan.

How do I decide which size will suit me best?
We have developed three sizes to accommodate every need.

  • A single person would find that each Small sized dinner would provide sufficient food for two meals – an extra portion to bring to work for lunch, or to enjoy at dinnertime on another day.
  • A couple with very young children might find the Small size satisfies the appetites of their family.
  • A couple with school age children would find the Medium dinner size provides ample portions for two adults and two children under the age of 12.
  • If you are like us and have hungry teenage boys, then the Large would provide healthy portions for two adults and two pre-teens/teens, probably with leftovers.
  • If you like to have extra meals to pack for lunches, then order one extra portion. The food will keep well in your fridge for 3 days, or can be frozen for later use.

How much do the meals cost?
See pricing

What if I am serving more than 4 people?
Meals are available each Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for 5 or more people at $17.00 per person (Tuesday & Wednesday) and $19.95 per person on Thursday. Advance orders only.

How do I pay?
In our retail store we accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Red Apron Gift Cards and Cash.
Payment for delivered food will be charged automatically to a Credit Card on your confidential file (Visa or Mastercard) at the end of each week. You can also make a pre-payment to your account by phone using a credit card, or in store using all of our accepted payment methods. Charges can then be deducted against this balance.

I am entertaining. Can I increase my portion size?
With a minimum of 24 hours notice, we can increase your portion size on a particular day, or for a particular week.

What if I go on vacation or a business trip?
Service can be cancelled or suspended for vacation or business absences by phone or by email. We must receive notice of suspension or cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of service. We are unable to accept same day cancellation of service.

Where can I find heating instructions?
You can find them here.

My neighbourhood is outside your delivery zone. Can you make an exception?

Our drivers leave our shop with full loads and a limited timeframe in which to make their deliveries. For this reason it is not possible to deliver outside our current delivery zones.

We review and modify our delivery borders on an occasional basis and over the years have expanded the boundaries significantly when enough new client interest exists.

It is possible for you to send your own courier to our location to pick up an order, and if you don’t have a courier we can recommend Speedy Messenger at 613-742-7220.

I would like to send meals to a friend as a gift. Is this possible?

You can make a gift to your friends of a Red Apron Gift Card or account credit. This allows your friends to order food when they wish, and they can address any dietary restrictions or delivery concerns with us at that time.
We would be happy to help you gift meals to your friends and loved ones if you have spoken to your friends, explained the delivery times and conditions, ensured that they will be at home or have left a cooler out, and that they know the food is coming.

Questions about Fresh Daily

Can I make a reservation to dine in your store?
We serve lunch daily from 11am until 2pm and offer a Panini pressed sandwich and daily fresh soup. We do not accept reservations but we do have a few bar seats.

Fresh meals are not available warmed or ready to eat, but are intended for you take away and enjoy at home.