Construction Update March 9

Welcome to the New Red Apron! We are excited to share with you our journey from 564 Gladstone to 410 Gladstone. We secured a lease on this space over a year ago and we chose it for a number of reasons. First, we wanted to stay as close to our current location as possible. Second, we wanted more parking for our customers. Mostly, we needed more space, and 410 Gladstone is double the amount of space we currently occupy.

We knew this would be a long journey but we certainly were not factoring in a worldwide Pandemic when we started. To say it’s added layers of complexity, cost and delay, would be putting it lightly.

We took possession of the space in January and started the demolition and reconstruction process. The photo below shows you how bright and airy the new Cafe space will be, with windows facing right onto Gladstone, you will be able to sip coffee and enjoy a baked treat while watching the neighbourhood go by.

From our mezzanine office above, we will be able to look down into the Retail Cafe and Gourmet Shop while we answer the phones and enter orders. Our tiny little 8 x 10 office will be replaced by this spacious 600 square foot office and meeting room.

Throughout the process of design and construction we are looking to recycle and implement greener solutions. The Construction Team has been repurposing 2×4 lumber, which has more than doubled in price since the start of the Pandemic.

As we move through the weeks we will continue to provide you with updates. Thank you for your interest, support, well wishes and good vibes you have been sending our way!

Jennifer & the Red Apron Team!