• Thanksgiving Made Local with The Red Apron

    It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is here already! Whether it was the long, scorching summer or the fact that Thanksgiving comes a bit early this year, we can’t believe we’re well into fall and the holiday season has begun. We’ll take any chance we can… Read more »

  • Celebrate Local with Red Apron’s 100 Mile Menu!

    For six weeks in September and October, our Thursday’s ‘Dinner in the Bag’ will be created using ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers located within 100 miles of the store. This is a considerable challenge as ingredients like rice, most… Read more »

  • Shifting Eating Habits with the Season

    When we set out to create The Red Apron, we didn’t realize how unintentionally we would follow the trend of eating with the seasons. We knew we wanted to create dishes that used as much local produce and products we could and this intention guided us i… Read more »

  • Celebrate Father’s Day at The Red Apron

    We often see Dads in the shop, still in their work attire, juggling art projects and lunchboxes and young kids hanging off their legs. We like to think that one of our meals will offer this Dad and his family a chance to take a breath after a long day,… Read more »

  • Expanded Delivery from The Red Apron

    Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the shop, we forget the impact our homecooked meals can have on people in our community. But we’re grateful to say that you remind us every so often, and it causes us pause to remember why we start… Read more »

  • Our Favourite Old Ottawa South Haunts + The Belmont Breakfast Recipe

    It has been very exciting to watch Old Ottawa South become a real foodie  destination over the last few years, and this spring some exciting things are happening! After much anticipation, we see that Oat Couture has opened their oatmeal café at Bank an… Read more »

  • What’s Happening in March at The Red Apron

    March is Maple Month and at the Red Apron, we love everything Maple! We are celebrating Canada’s maple industry with a month of menus featuring this delicious, versatile ingredient that lends flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes. Loaded with minera… Read more »

  • Mealshare Ottawa Dinner + Valentines at The Red Apron

    As we move into February, we’re reminded that this time of year is particularly hard on families and individuals in our communities. The holidays have passed, wallets are lighter and everyone is stretching their dollars as far as they can reach… whic… Read more »

  • The Gift of Kitchen Inspiration

    We happen to think cookbooks make the ideal holiday gifting item; they’re affordable, add colour to a bookshelf or coffee table and look stunning anywhere you happen to display them, and they offer your giftee the ultimate gift of kitchen inspiration a… Read more »

  • Alternative Ideas for Thoughtful Gifting

    Tradition is the passing of customs, rituals and beliefs from year to year, and from generation to generation. It is important to many families, religions, and cultures. Children especially find traditions important. It’s reassuring to them to know tha… Read more »