• Hop on The Bus October 29th, 2017

    On Sunday October 29th, we’ll be headed out at 10am for the next in our series of Hop on the Bus events! Previously we’ve visited farms, eateries, shops and markets all over our region, from Castlegarth Restaurant in Whitelake, to Clarmell on the Ridea… Read more »

  • Celebrate Local This Thanksgiving with Red Apron

    With Thanksgiving weekend a short 11 days away, we are busy little bees preparing our full Turkey Dinners for 2 or 12 with all the delicious fixins. Have you reserved yours yet? If you’re starting to feel the pressure of hosting friends and family this… Read more »

  • Pomegranate Margarita + HARVEST the Book

    If you’ve wandered past your local produce vendor or taken a trip to the market in the last few weeks, you’ve no doubt seen the veritable kaleidoscope of vibrant fruits, vegetables and fresh cut-flowers decorating the shelves, not to mention the wonder… Read more »

  • 100 Mile Celebration

    While we’re always working hard to support and buy from local growers and suppliers, for three weeks this October we’re going all-in by bringing you meals made entirely from the land we live on. The reasons we choose to participate in the 100 mile diet… Read more »

  • Thanksgiving with The Red Apron

    While many are still hanging tight to the last licks of summer, the final days of pool-lounging, patio-dining and sunlight well after the dinner-hour, The Red Apron staff is buzzing about getting prepared for the first big holiday of the fall/winter se… Read more »

  • Back to School, Back to the Table

    Here at the shop, our goal has always been to get families and friends back to the table. Whether it’s over a gourmet, home-cooked meal or takeout, important conversations happen around the table, traditions are formed, lasting relationships are built…. Read more »

  • Exploring Ottawa’s Farmers Market

    Any given weekend in Ottawa, sun/rain or torrential downpours as it’s been, you can find specific hubs of the city alive and buzzing with curious shoppers, colourful and passionate vendors and a whole lot of love for local. The Farmers Market is a loca… Read more »

  • Build a Better BBQ

    We hate to say it, but the dog days of grilling-in-the-sunshine are winding down. We’ve been putting our BBQ game into overdrive lately so we make the most of these beautiful, warm weather evenings spent celebrating the season with friends. One of our… Read more »

  • Win $100 Gift Card with #MyRedApron

    Half the fun of cooking for people is seeing the joy it brings when you finally sit down to share a meal. For some of us, that means sitting around the table and sharing stories of your day. For others, it’s the butt-out, hovering-over-the-table just t… Read more »

  • Ottawa Picnic Locations with The Red Apron

    It’s safe to say it’s been a weird, wet summer in Ottawa. So many of us have spent months dreaming of long, lazy cottage days or trips to the beach and are now feeling a bit discouraged by all this rain. Fret not, friends. We’ve got the perfect plan. P… Read more »