• Celebrate Father’s Day at The Red Apron

    We often see Dads in the shop, still in their work attire, juggling art projects and lunchboxes and young kids hanging off their legs. We like to think that one of our meals will offer this Dad and his family a chance to take a breath after a long day,… Read more »

  • Get To Know Your Farmer: Rideau Pines Farm

    With summer making it’s glorious arrival, we want to share and celebrate some of the hardest working farmers we know in our Get To Know Your Farmer series. Over the next while we’ll be introducing you to some of the incredible farms around Ottawa that… Read more »

  • Expanded Delivery from The Red Apron

    Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the shop, we forget the impact our homecooked meals can have on people in our community. But we’re grateful to say that you remind us every so often, and it causes us pause to remember why we start… Read more »

  • Our Favourite Old Ottawa South Haunts + The Belmont Breakfast Recipe

    It has been very exciting to watch Old Ottawa South become a real foodie  destination over the last few years, and this spring some exciting things are happening! After much anticipation, we see that Oat Couture has opened their oatmeal café at Bank an… Read more »

  • Fill The Fridge for Mom This Mother’s Day

    To say your Mom/Mother Figure works hard might be the understatement of the century, so we want to make sure you’re thanking her in a way that offers her the greatest gift of all – time! Time to spend on herself or with you, her family. Time to do what… Read more »

  • Let’s Do Lunch at The Red Apron

    Lunch may not be considered “the most important meal of the day” by most, but if we’ve learned anything in our time at The Red Apron, it’s that our customers may just disagree. Between 11 and 3 each day, you’ll find our shop abuzz with hungry folks fro… Read more »

  • Spring Cleansing with Renew Cold Press

    CLEANSING though the seasons – SPRING renewal.  Spring represents a season of rebirth. regrowth. and renewal. and as we transition towards warmer weather we seek lightness. moving through this phase with a seasonally aligned juice cleanse allows our bo… Read more »

  • Sweetening Naturally + Maple-Sweetened Cocktails

    We know that not all natural sweetners are created equal… but with all the information out there, how do we figure out what the best option for natural sweetening is? Let’s break a few of the most popular down. STEVIA Stevia is a no-calorie sweetener… Read more »

  • Spring Produce Guide

    Though the forecast is calling for snow this week (eeeek!), we’re hopeful still that Spring and the beginning of growing season is just around the corner. Buying local produce is beneficial for many reasons, better flavour and supporting our local econ… Read more »

  • Lumberjack Brunch in Support of Candlelight Dinners

    Every year, late into the winter as we await Spring’s imminent arrival and celebrate all things maple, we host an event lovingly known as our Lumberjack Brunch.  It’s a casual, family-style meal shared with our community in support of a cause near to o… Read more »