• Planning a Sweet Valentine’s (or Pal-entine’s) in Ottawa

    Valentine’s Day is this week and we’ve been busy little bees at The Red Apron, putting some extra love into all the wonderful treats and meals we’ll be serving up for you and the ones you love the most. Whether it’s your best friend or your lover, shar… Read more »

  • Mealshare Ottawa Dinner + Valentines at The Red Apron

    As we move into February, we’re reminded that this time of year is particularly hard on families and individuals in our communities. The holidays have passed, wallets are lighter and everyone is stretching their dollars as far as they can reach… whic… Read more »

  • Juice Cleansing Through the Seasons with Renew Cold Press

    As we come to the end of our Nourish Yourself month, we hope that we’ve inspired you to approach the new year with a healthier relationship with food. This month has helped us see and understand how connected the way we eat and the way we feel are. Whe… Read more »

  • Nourish Yourself with These Powerhouse Ingredients

    We’re three weeks into our Nourish Yourself theme for January and though eating well is something we strive for year round, it feels great knowing we’ve really put a focus on our health and mental well-being this past 22 days. Starting the year feeling… Read more »

  • Tips and Inspiration to Nourish Yourself in January

    The New Year always provides us with an opportunity to reflect and consider what aspects of our lives are really working well for us and which areas we might want to consider ‘tweaking’ a bit. It’s a time to rest and recover from the busy holiday seaso… Read more »

  • Nourish Yourself in January at The Red Apron

    2018 has arrived and with it a desire to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits after a long and, for some, particularly tough 2017. Whether you made resolutions to eat better, work out more often, read or meditate regularly or not, we can all agree tha… Read more »

  • Tastes of 2017

    Each December I take a few moments while we are closed between Christmas and New Year’s to reflect on my food adventures of the last 12 months. Reminiscing on a year’s worth of food photos reminds me of all the places I’ve been and the wonderful advent… Read more »

  • The Gift of Kitchen Inspiration

    We happen to think cookbooks make the ideal holiday gifting item; they’re affordable, add colour to a bookshelf or coffee table and look stunning anywhere you happen to display them, and they offer your giftee the ultimate gift of kitchen inspiration a… Read more »

  • Holiday Table Accoutrements

    We’re a short 2 weeks until Christmas Day and the warm fuzzies of the holiday season are starting to spread through the shop. Whether it’s the stunning decorations strewn throughout The Red Apron, or the fact that everyone seems to have a pep in their… Read more »

  • Alternative Ideas for Thoughtful Gifting

    Tradition is the passing of customs, rituals and beliefs from year to year, and from generation to generation. It is important to many families, religions, and cultures. Children especially find traditions important. It’s reassuring to them to know tha… Read more »