• Let’s Do Lunch at The Red Apron

    Lunch may not be considered “the most important meal of the day” by most, but if we’ve learned anything in our time at The Red Apron, it’s that our customers may just disagree. Between 11 and 3 each day, you’ll find our shop abuzz with hungry folks fro… Read more »

  • Spring Cleansing with Renew Cold Press

    CLEANSING though the seasons – SPRING renewal.  Spring represents a season of rebirth. regrowth. and renewal. and as we transition towards warmer weather we seek lightness. moving through this phase with a seasonally aligned juice cleanse allows our bo… Read more »

  • Sweetening Naturally + Maple-Sweetened Cocktails

    We know that not all natural sweetners are created equal… but with all the information out there, how do we figure out what the best option for natural sweetening is? Let’s break a few of the most popular down. STEVIA Stevia is a no-calorie sweetener… Read more »

  • Spring Produce Guide

    Though the forecast is calling for snow this week (eeeek!), we’re hopeful still that Spring and the beginning of growing season is just around the corner. Buying local produce is beneficial for many reasons, better flavour and supporting our local econ… Read more »

  • Lumberjack Brunch in Support of Candlelight Dinners

    Every year, late into the winter as we await Spring’s imminent arrival and celebrate all things maple, we host an event lovingly known as our Lumberjack Brunch.  It’s a casual, family-style meal shared with our community in support of a cause near to o… Read more »

  • The Red Apron Library: Cookbooks We’re Loving!

    When you work in the food industry, staying inspired by the people, places and things around us is vital. When we can’t travel, we look to our collection of delightful cookbooks. Thumbing through their pages motivates us to try new dishes from corners… Read more »

  • March Break Ideas + St Paddy’s Day Menu

    It’s MARCH BREAK in Ottawa and we’ve got ideas for every age to keep you and your little ones active and engaged this week! GET SCHOOLED From exploring Canadian history and gazing at world-class art, to uncovering enormous dinosaur fossils, Ottawa’s ma… Read more »

  • Shop Women-Owned Businesses in Ottawa for IWD2018

    It’s International Women’s Day this Thursday March 8th and as a business that is owned, run by and thrives on the support of womxn in our community, we’d be remiss not to take a moment to celebrate this wonderful, much-needed day. IWD is a global day c… Read more »

  • What’s Happening in March at The Red Apron

    March is Maple Month and at the Red Apron, we love everything Maple! We are celebrating Canada’s maple industry with a month of menus featuring this delicious, versatile ingredient that lends flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes. Loaded with minera… Read more »

  • Vegan Carrot Walnut Muffin + What’s Up at Red Apron

    Today is National Muffin Day and at The Red Apron, we’ve never met a muffin we didn’t want to get to know just a little better. We make our seasonal muffins with produce from local farms, when possible, and with ingredients that won’t just fill you up,… Read more »