• Holiday Entertaining

    Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Flatbreads make Holiday Entertaining a breeze!

  • The Day of the Tamworth Boar

    Today’s Menu includes Heritage Pickle Patch Tamworth Boar, ‘Beau’s’ Beer & Apple Stew. Last night, we were at the Urban Element demonstrating how to cook up Tamworth Loin Chop with Caramelized Halls Apples and Beau’s Beer Gastrique. For those who c… Read more »

  • En Croute

    Wild Salmon En Croute Salmon Koubliac – also spelled ‘coulibiac’ or ‘koulibiac’ –  is a Russian pie filled with fish, vegetables, rice and/or hard-boiled eggs. European cooks have varied the recipe in many ways, making it with brioche dough or puff pas… Read more »

  • Gobble, Gobble….

    One of our many Thanksgiving Turkeys cooked for Thanksgiving.

  • 100 Mile Menus

    A Peck of Peppers

  • At the Market

    Red Apron Ladies at the Landsdowne Farmer’s Market.

  • Feast of Fields

    Setting up for a day of great food

  • Polenta at the Urban Element

    A new favourite for our customers had its debut at the Urban Element early in September. Shari at Whisk: A Food Blog kindly shared this photograph of the polenta side dish. Here is the recipe…