• Valentine’s Dinner wine Pairings

    Our lovely and talented Robin has suggested a couple of wines that she believes will pair nicely with our 4 course Valentine’s day menu. To accompany the Amuse and Soup course, Robin suggests: Sibling Rivalry – White, Canada, Henry of Pelham Family Est… Read more »

  • Oops….

    Well it happens occasionally.  We rely on technology for so much of what we do every day and we expect it to always be there for us, and to be good to us.  But occasionally, technology lets us down.  It seems that when this happens we feel cheated, aba… Read more »

  • Lunch!

    One of the perks of working at the Red Apron is our ‘Staff Lunch’.  Each day at around noon, tummies start to rumble and someone is assigned the task of making lunch.  This is a great way to initiate new employees – to see if they can actually cook.  M… Read more »

  • Valentines Day

    Valentine’s Day is a time when we think about the people in our hearts.  It’s a time to remember how important it is to love, and be loved.  And if we are lucky, we will get to spend some time with the people we care about, whether it be our children,… Read more »

  • Bruce in the Urban Element Kitchen

    It is always a pleasure to see our good friend Bruce Wood.  Bruce was a pioneer of the local & organic food movement in Ottawa and is well loved by many in the Ottawa Food Industry. Bruce in the Kitchen I first met Bruce when he was co-president of… Read more »

  • We Love What We Do!

    Kelly's Mango Pie! It’s 2010 and we are back in the shop.  Everyone is well rested, and we have been busy all week trying to re-stock the Fridge & Freezer after the Christmas rush. We have had many requests for our Christmas pies (Bison, Duck a… Read more »

  • Happy New Year

    2010 is fast approaching and each new decade provides opportunity to reflect.   In my own family we are eating differently today than we were in 1999. In the decades leading up to Y2K, food producers focused most of their effort on maximizing productio… Read more »

  • Cookie Baking

    For the third year in a row at the Red Apron we have revived an age old tradition – the Christmas Cookie Exchange.  The concept is simple:  gather your friends and family, bake your favourite cookie recipe, and everyone takes home a sampling of each. T… Read more »

  • Christmas is coming…

    …the goose is getting fat!  That reminds me of the Muppets singing in one of their Christmas specials.  Miss Piggy dancing rings a bell.

  • Once a week

    It’s difficult to turn on the news these days without being inundated with doom and gloom predictions about our environment, making it easy to become overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness.  It’s hard to imagine what one person can do to make a dif… Read more »