• Ontario Peach & Tomatoes Are HERE!

    With one quick glance across the shelves of any and every Farmer’s Market in Ottawa it becomes visibly clear that the moment we’ve been waiting for all summer is here – Ontario Peaches and Tomatoes of every shape and size are finally popping up and rea… Read more »

  • Red Apron’s Newest Vendors

    If you’ve browsed our retail section before, you know that we stock some of Ottawa and surrounding area’s tastiest pantry staples, grains and grocery items. We’re always on the lookout for exciting brands who care as much about quality, locally sourced… Read more »

  • NEW in The Red Apron Cookbook Library

    It’s 5pm, you’ve shed your bags from a long day at work and as you gaze into a stocked pantry and fridge you wonder, “what am I going to make for dinner tonight?”. If that thought inevitably lands you at the same 3-4 recipes on rotation each week, you… Read more »

  • Chilled Blender Soups to Beat the Heat

    Doesn’t the idea of a cool, flavourful soup sound appealing in this sticky, humid heat? We at The Red Apron are big fans and wanted to share a little about our favourite cold blender soups and why we turn to them when the mercury rises. The first, and… Read more »

  • Pick-Your-Own Season in Ottawa!

    It’s Pick-Your-Own season in Ottawa and the region is full of options for you to get out and get your hands dirty. Pick-Your-Own farms offer you an opportunity to connect with your food and your farmer, and truly appreciate the joy of eating locally. C… Read more »

  • Celebrate Canada Day with The Red Apron ????

    Canada Day is this coming weekend and we’re celebrating with a meal that reminds us of sunny Canadian summers, cottage cookouts and evenings spent out on the patio, dining with friends into the wee hours of the night. Our Dinner’s In The Bag menu for C… Read more »

  • Shifting Eating Habits with the Season

    When we set out to create The Red Apron, we didn’t realize how unintentionally we would follow the trend of eating with the seasons. We knew we wanted to create dishes that used as much local produce and products we could and this intention guided us i… Read more »

  • Celebrate Father’s Day at The Red Apron

    We often see Dads in the shop, still in their work attire, juggling art projects and lunchboxes and young kids hanging off their legs. We like to think that one of our meals will offer this Dad and his family a chance to take a breath after a long day,… Read more »

  • Get To Know Your Farmer: Rideau Pines Farm

    With summer making it’s glorious arrival, we want to share and celebrate some of the hardest working farmers we know in our Get To Know Your Farmer series. Over the next while we’ll be introducing you to some of the incredible farms around Ottawa that… Read more »

  • Expanded Delivery from The Red Apron

    Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the shop, we forget the impact our homecooked meals can have on people in our community. But we’re grateful to say that you remind us every so often, and it causes us pause to remember why we start… Read more »