• Banana Bread

    I don’t think I have met anyone who doesn’t have a fond memory of his/her Mother’s special banana bread or cake.  It seams that we all grew up in homes where our Mother made the ‘best banana bread in the world’.  Now either our mothers were all using t… Read more »

  • Bon Appetit

    Last Tuesday evening, 2o00 people turned out in a thunder storm to participate in Bon Appetit Ottawa’s annual nosh.  Of the four years that we have participated in this event, this year was the busiest!  Sticking to our comfort food theme, we prepared… Read more »

  • Hike for Hospice 2010

    Last Sunday was the 2010 Hike for Hospice.  On a day that was supposed to be full of rain and thunder 400 people turned out to raise money for the Hospice at Maycourt.  The skies cleared and the sun came out. The Hospice at May Court is a community-bas… Read more »

  • Ottawa Eco Fair

    Jacqueline Cooks Soup! This past weekend Jacqueline from the Red Apron was the featured Chef at the Ottawa Eco Fair.  This event celebrates green living ideas, products and services.  While there Jacqueline prepared an Heirloom Tomato Soup using heirlo… Read more »

  • Mariposa Cheese Tasting

    We had the great pleasure of being invited out to Mariposa Farm last week to sample some of the many cheeses that Ian & Suzanne represent.  In addition to raising ducks, geese, chickens & pigs, Ian & Suzanne distribute a number of high qual… Read more »

  • Salt Spring Diary

    I had the great pleasure of traveling to Salt Spring Island this March Break to visit with friends and check out their ‘local food scene’. Coming from the East, we have the perception that those living on the West Coast can ‘eat locally’ all year long…. Read more »

  • Glorious Greens

    Last fall we had the great pleasure of introducing Sandra’s greens to our retail store.  Sandra grows mixed greens in her greenhouse in Clayton. Sandra attended McGill’s Macdonald College, acquiring an organic agriculture and winning the Mary P… Read more »

  • Quality Control

    One of the pleasures of our job is the important responsibility we have to taste the items we cook, before we offer it up to our customers.  This is a huge responsibility and we take it very seriously. We had to be sure that this apple sour cherry pie… Read more »

  • Food for Young Palates

    Not everyone knows this, but the Red Apron provides fresh meals each day to Acorn Early Learning Centre, located in the Glebe on Rosebery Ave.  Joanne Saunders and her caring staff provide a safe, healthy and stimulating program for preschool children…. Read more »

  • Savour Ottawa

    The Red Apron has been a Savour Ottawa Member for the last 3 years.  Savour Ottawa works to develop and promote the Ottawa Region as a premiere, year-round culinary destination offering a robust assortment of locally grown and locally produced foods to… Read more »