• 100 Mile Menu is coming!

    It’s that time of year again and we are lovin’ it!  Each day a farmer arrives with a shipment of freshly picked produce, not only local, but mostly organic too!  Seems that it has been a good summer for tomatoes and all of our favourite producers are b… Read more »

  • Montreal’s Jean Talon Market

    The final stop in our weekend in Montreal was the Jean Talon Market.  This is the best place to go if you are looking to incorporate a meal into your visit.  Many of the vendors sell food that is ‘ready to eat’, and the market is surrounded by permanen… Read more »

  • A New Baby!

    The arrival of a new baby is always an exciting time.  There is the build up, the hopes and expectation, and then the big day comes and everyone is overjoyed.  Well, today we celebrated the arrival of our newest baby, a bouncing 30 pound bundle of meta… Read more »

  • 8 Little Piggies went to Au Pied du Cochon

    Au Pied du Cochon has been a longtime favourite restaurant of Jo-Ann’s.  She has visited there many times and has been working her way through the entire menu over the last few years.  So, when we were looking for a place to bring our team for a unique… Read more »

  • Montreal Atwater Market

    This past weekend the Red Apron team embarked on a trip to Montreal.  Our primary reason for the visit was to eat at ‘Au Pied de Cochon’, but that’s another blog post!  A group of us drove down on Saturday morning to spend a few hours shopping at the A… Read more »

  • Feast of Fields

    Tickets are available at the Red Apron, or online by visiting the COG website. On September 12, 2010 Canadian Organic Growers – Ottawa Chapter will once again bring together farmers and top chefs from Ottawa and the region to celebrate the local organi… Read more »

  • Oktoberfest at Beau’s

    Located in Vankleek Hill, Beau’s use local spring water , organic malts (no extracts) and organic hops which are grown locally.  Their beer is available at the LCBO, and in many restaurants throughout the city.  Each October Beau’s hosts one heck of an… Read more »

  • Smokin’

    Now that I have had my ‘Egg’ for a couple of years, I thought it was time that I overcome my apprehensions and learn a new trick.  I knew that the Egg could be used as a smoker, but I’m embarrassed to admit I had never actually smoked anything on it.  … Read more »

  • Spotted

    One of the joys of the area we are in (Gladstone, between Bank & Bronson) is our neighbours.  Yael & Patrick at the bakery next door are the best neighbours.  They supply us with fresh bread for our weekly menu, and in the afternoons, after the… Read more »

  • Weekend Cooking

    You would think that when you cook for a living, you would want to take your weekends off.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I look forward to the weekends largely because it gives me an opportunity to cook in a totally different way.  At the… Read more »