• Tweet, Tweet

    As most of our clients know we cook fresh every day, from scratch and without recipes.  We have a few dishes that we make regularly because they are so popular like our Shepherd’s Pie, Lemon Curry Chicken, and Organic Quinoa.  We have other dishes that… Read more »

  • Snowsuit Fund Gala

    Get Down and Boogie Be a part of the 2010/2011  Snowsuit Fund campaign.  The Canadian Tire Snowsuit Fund Gala 2010 is our foremost fundraising event of the season, and this year’s edition promises to be better than ever.  This year’s gala is a soul and… Read more »

  • Stone Soup Foodworks

    Our good friend and part time employee Jaqueline Jolliffe is in the process of converting a run-down used chip wagon into a soup kitchen.  Her new business – Stone Soup Foodworks – will offer hearty and healthy soups.  Her plan is to open her business… Read more »

  • Turkey with a Twist

    This Thanksgiving I decided to break with tradition and create a turkey dinner unlike any I had ever enjoyed.  Armed with my fresh, free range Saveur des Mont turkey and my choice of ingredients from our Local & Organic Farmers, I let my imaginatio… Read more »

  • Closed for the Holidays

    The Red Apron will be closed from 4pm on the 24th of December through to 9am on the 4th of January 2011. Our Fresh Meal Service for the first week of 2011 will be Wednesday January 5th and Thursday January 6th only.  There will be no Fresh Meal Service… Read more »

  • Fall Recipes

    October & November offer us our last opportunity to enjoy the local harvest.  Late season wintergreens, squashes, cabbage, brussel sprouts, apples and root vegetables are all in abundance.  October and November are great months to make stews, soups… Read more »

  • 5th Anniversary Celebration!

    We decided to celebrate the Red Apron’s 5th anniversary by having a party at the Urban Element on Saturday night.  We had been planning this event for several months and are happy to report that it was a terrific success!  Over eighty of our friends an… Read more »

  • 100 Mile Menu is coming!

    It’s that time of year again and we are lovin’ it!  Each day a farmer arrives with a shipment of freshly picked produce, not only local, but mostly organic too!  Seems that it has been a good summer for tomatoes and all of our favourite producers are b… Read more »

  • Montreal’s Jean Talon Market

    The final stop in our weekend in Montreal was the Jean Talon Market.  This is the best place to go if you are looking to incorporate a meal into your visit.  Many of the vendors sell food that is ‘ready to eat’, and the market is surrounded by permanen… Read more »

  • A New Baby!

    The arrival of a new baby is always an exciting time.  There is the build up, the hopes and expectation, and then the big day comes and everyone is overjoyed.  Well, today we celebrated the arrival of our newest baby, a bouncing 30 pound bundle of meta… Read more »