• Red Apron Superbowl Sunday Snacks + Inspiration

    Superbowl Sunday is coming this weekend and while, admittedly, we’re not even sure who’s actually playing, we can 100% get behind a lazy Sunday spent on the couch with good friends eating tasty food. We’ve got you covered for all things crunchy, salty,… Read more »

  • Our Favourite Nourishing Ingredients

    As we’ve mentioned a few times this month, January is all about Nourishing Yourself from the inside out at The Red Apron. From taking time just for you, to eating a diet rich in high-vibe ingredients, taking care of yourself not only feels good, it’s a… Read more »

  • Nourish Your Mind & Soul in January

    There are days when a good meal just simply isn’t enough – your body needs more. Whether it’s the need to get outside and breath deep in the fresh air, or attend a steamy hot yoga class to sweat out the stress and frustration from the week, nourishing… Read more »

  • Nourish Yourself this January

    The New Year is a time for reflection, and for self care. It’s important to take some time to think about what you need, and how to incorporate your needs into your daily routine. It’s especially important after a busy season of shopping, and giving, a… Read more »

  • Shop Your ‘Hood for the Holidays

    This Holiday season, we’re challenging ourselves to shop our own neighbourhood! There are so many unique and beautiful places owned by hard working local folks in our community and we want to make sure they feel some love and support from their neighbo… Read more »

  • Jennifer’s Edible Holiday Gifting Ideas

    This time of year, is very busy for those of us in the Service Industry. When we are working long days, late nights, and 7 day weeks, we don’t always have time to shop for gifts or entertain. Even for those not in the Service Industry, it’s a hectic ti… Read more »

  • Red Apron’s Handmade Holiday Guide

    Remember those crafts you made as a kid, or your kids made for you each year around the holidays? The macaroni tree ornaments and paper chain garlands, the finger paintings and construction paper cards that you gaze at nostalgically each year. Though t… Read more »

  • Easy Entertaining: Our Holiday Appetizers are HERE!

    The season of holiday entertaining is approaching steadily and we want to make sure you’re ready with impressive holiday appetizers that can go from freezer to oven to table in under an hour and a few recipes up your sleeve for bits and bites that take… Read more »

  • Stretching Your Red Apron Meals to Last

    Like everyone around this joyous but often expensive time of year, we are watching our dollars and cents and working hard to stretch them in every way we can. One of our favourite and most creative hacks for stretching a buck is, of course, with our Re… Read more »

  • Jennifer’s Fall Baking Favourites

    November is the month when we at the Red Apron get a bit of a break between our two busiest times of the year – Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a month where we might still be enjoying some of the harvest, before all of our farmers wind things down fo… Read more »