• Juniper Farm Tour

    Last week, I had the pleasure of touring Juniper Farm’s new location on Shouldice Road, near Wakefield.  This 190 acre parcel of rolling farmland, bush, ponds and a small lake is the ideal location for this family of organic farmers to set up shop.  Th… Read more »

  • My Summer Holiday

    Back in March, when my boyfriend and I were planning our summer holiday week, we decided to spend it in both Montreal and Prince Edward County. Our plan was to spend three days in both spots. We figured it would be best to hit up Montreal during their… Read more »

  • Clarmell Goat Farm

    July 2012 Last month we visited the Mussell’s farm on the Rideau River (and blogged about it in an earlier post).  This month their farm was visited by Leanne Cusack from CTV and you can get an up close look at their operations by visiting the CTV Site… Read more »

  • Diners, Dives & Drive-ins

    July 2012 My favourit holidays are most often centre around good food, interesting restaurants, food shops and farmer’s markets that have been diligently researched in advanced.  Recently, it was fun to take a spontaneous Mom & Son road trip with m… Read more »

  • To Market, to Market, to buy….

    July 2012 Over the weekend, I visited the Wakefield Farmer’s Market. This is a small community-based market located on the main drag next to the Alpengruss restaurant. I visit this market regularly as it holds a number of very special treats. This is w… Read more »

  • Sauerkraut

    July 2012 Alex and Juniper of Juniper Farm have been supplying us with their own Sauerkraut for sale in our retail store for some time.  This summer we decided to give it a try a batch ourselves for an upcoming meal we have planned for Tuesday July 17…. Read more »

  • It was a lovely day!

    June 2012 Last Sunday we loaded up a bus with 35 friends, family, customers and colleagues and headed out to visit three farms in the Manotick/Osgoode region. This was the second in a series of bus tours that we will schedule on a quarterly basis to co… Read more »

  • I love Grill Season!

    June, 2012 Although I grill all year long, it’s so much more fun in when the weather warms up.  For starters, I take more pictures because I am not freezing my @#% off .  And the availability of local produce makes everything taste so much better! Last… Read more »

  • Hop on the Bus II

    In the spring we took a crew of staff, family & clients to a Sugar Shack in Quebec.  It was a ton of fun and we vowed to have regular outings that allow us to visit local growers and producers, familiarize ourselves with their processes and challen… Read more »

  • One Year In…..

    May 3, 2012 Here we are, one year almost to the day after we moved our entire operations across the street from 571 to 564 Gladstone.  And almost 6 years after we launched our concept, we could not be more pleased. In the last 12 months we have doubled… Read more »