• Build a Better BBQ

    We hate to say it, but the dog days of grilling-in-the-sunshine are winding down. We’ve been putting our BBQ game into overdrive lately so we make the most of these beautiful, warm weather evenings spent celebrating the season with friends. One of our… Read more »

  • Win $100 Gift Card with #MyRedApron

    Half the fun of cooking for people is seeing the joy it brings when you finally sit down to share a meal. For some of us, that means sitting around the table and sharing stories of your day. For others, it’s the butt-out, hovering-over-the-table just t… Read more »

  • Ottawa Picnic Locations with The Red Apron

    It’s safe to say it’s been a weird, wet summer in Ottawa. So many of us have spent months dreaming of long, lazy cottage days or trips to the beach and are now feeling a bit discouraged by all this rain. Fret not, friends. We’ve got the perfect plan. P… Read more »

  • Jamming with The Red Apron

    We take great pride in the food we make in-house at The Red Apron, and our pickles and jams are no exception. Preserving the bounty of the season is such a handy way to save money, waste less and stock your shelves for the long cold winter months. Noth… Read more »

  • The Red Apron x MarketMobile

    Our most recent partnership is one that stems from our love of food, our passion to reduce food waste and our ultimate goal of feeding our neighbours. Three years ago, MarketMobile was little more than a dream. One that would see fresh, affordable and… Read more »

  • One Chicken, Four Meals

    We’re often asked for tips on how to stretch our groceries to get the most out of the ingredients we buy. Food isn’t cheap these days, especially when you’re taking care to buy local, organic ingredients for your family. That said, we have become pros… Read more »

  • Celebrating Canadian Food with The Red Apron

    Canada Day is just about here and you can absolutely feel the excitement in the city! Though our shop is always buzzing, there’s just a bit more pep in our step this week as we prepare for the big day. There isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t thin… Read more »

  • Ontario In Season: News + Recipe

    June is a pretty exciting month if, like me, you are obsessed with supporting local growers & producers, eating seasonally, and picking fresh. If you are also sick of winter, rain, hail, and generally unseasonably cold, never ending winters, then h… Read more »

  • MealShare Ottawa x The Red Apron

    We have been waiting a while to talk about this new venture we’ve recently embarked on – and the day is here! We’re always looking for different ways we can use what we do at the Red Apron to support our community. We know all too well the power of foo… Read more »

  • Hop on The Bus with The Red Apron

    On Sunday June 18th we’ll be headed out at 10am for the next in our series of Hop on the Bus events! Previously we’ve visited farms, eateries, shops and markets all over our region, from Castlegarth Restaurant in Whitelake, to Clarmell on the Rideau ju… Read more »