• Harvest & Preserve the Season

    We hate to be the bearers of bad news but we’re inching closer to fall and (ack!) winter so it’s time to start thinking about harvesting all those delicious fruits and veggies grown in your own backyard or from the market so even in the below zero temp… Read more »

  • Our Top 5 Tips for a Perfect Pie + Recipe Inspiration

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year; The market shelves are bursting with every shape and colour of produce absolutely ripe for the picking! Although berry season got off to a late start from all the rain, it’s been one of the best years for them… Read more »

  • Stretching Your Red Apron Dollars

    Let’s face it, life can be awfully expensive sometimes. Here at the Red Apron, we’ve become self-proclaimed champions of stretching our food dollars. Whether we’re grocery shopping or taking home meals from the shop, we know a thing or two about making… Read more »

  • Pizza Night Inspiration & Recipes

    It’s summer. The season we spend the other 10 months of the year waiting for. This year we have earned it in so many ways with our deeply cold winter and extremely long and wet spring, we deserve a few months of warm weather. When the weather turns war… Read more »

  • Picnic Perfect with The Red Apron

    We’ve been blessed here in Ottawa with a beautiful, steamy summer filled with plenty of sunshine – perfect for packing up a basket of goodies and heading into the great outdoors to dine. Picnics provide a great way to feel like you’ve escaped the daily… Read more »

  • Give The Gift of Time with Red Apron Gift Cards

    There are seasons in life that challenge us more than others, leaving us worn out in every possible way. During those times, we know that feeding yourself and your family wholesome meals can be yet another burden to bear. Whether it’s the birth of a ne… Read more »

  • How We’re Reducing Plastic Waste

    Did you know that 40% of plastic is used for packaging? Or that Canadians throw away approximately 57 million single use plastics straws every day? That’s more than 20 billion each year. With staggering stats like that, it’s easy to understand why here… Read more »

  • Grown at Home: Red Apron’s Garden Wall

    This marks Red Apron’s third year growing some of  our own herbs and edible flowers in our backyard vertical garden wall! We are excited to use the thyme and basil on our Pizza’s each Wednesday & Thursday evening, and the flowers to decorate our ba… Read more »

  • Canada Day Menu at The Red Apron

    Can you believe we’re well into the thick of summer and Canada Day is sneaking up on us this weekend? It’s a great time to reflect with friends and family on what being Canadian means to you, how we can do better as a country, especially for the Indige… Read more »

  • Feature Supplier: Bluegrass Farm

    About an hour south of Ottawa in Jasper, ON sits a family-owned farm that’s managed to extend the growing season for fresh, local, certified organic greens that are available in the Ottawa region. Bluegrass Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm th… Read more »