• A little Kindness goes a long way

    I will be honest with you, my friends. Operating a business during this time is like tip toeing through a minefield. The landscape changes daily, as to human emotions. The vast majority of us that believe that if we can continue to be kind, patient, an… Read more »

  • Superheroes in our Community!

    We are all struggling to manage our lives knowing that every morning we wake upon our reality might be different than it was the day before. As I write this it is Monday March 23, we have completed a full week of ‘Social Distancing’ and it impacts ever… Read more »

  • Batten Down the Hatches

    This 19th century nautical term was used to tell the crew to get ready for a big storm. For some reason, it seems like a good term to use right now for what’s going on in the world.  For most of us, we have never lived through anything like this and it… Read more »

  • Cooking with Friends & Family

    One of the things I love to do is cook with my family & friends. As a chef, it’s an opportunity to pass on knowledge to others in a fun way that gets them engaged. When preparing a big meal for a group it’s also a way to lighten the load by enlisti… Read more »

  • Real Food, What to Eat & Why

    At the Red Apron, our values and guiding principles are both simple and complex. We believe that the ingredient is the key. Nutritional labels tell you what you are eating in the form of calories, fats, proteins, and carbs, but tells you nothing about… Read more »

  • Spring is Coming!

    The smell of spring is in the air and everyone has a little bounce in their step. We have enjoyed some sunny, warm days, and according to the forecast, there are more of those to come. We all know from experience that winter will rear it’s head a few m… Read more »

  • More to LOVE about Ottawa this February

    February is a great month to Love Ottawa for so many reasons! This is the last week of Winterlude, our annual celebration of snow and ice. It’s a spectacular event providing visitors from all over the world a unique opportunity to see our beautiful cit… Read more »

  • Red Apron Loves Ottawa this Valentine’s Day!

    There are only 11 days left until Valentine’s Day. Each year we theme our meal and have drawn inspiration from Julie Child, Frida Kahlo, Italian food, Spanish Food, and more. This year, being 2020, and knowing that Valentines’ Day occurs during Winterl… Read more »

  • Red Apron on getting more Veggies into your Diet!

    Our January ‘Nourish Yourself’ has been a huge hit among Vegans, Vegetarians and veggie loving meat eaters. The portion sizes we have been serving are identical to our regular meals, but the difference is that 2 out of 3 days, we are substituting anima… Read more »

  • More ways to Nourish Yourself this January!

    We are entering the third of our four week January tradition of focusing on ways to Nourish mind, body and soul. Our veg-forward menu featuring weekly vegetarian and vegan meals has been a tremendous success. Here is some of the feedback we have receiv… Read more »