• Ontario In Season: News + Recipe

    June is a pretty exciting month if, like me, you are obsessed with supporting local growers & producers, eating seasonally, and picking fresh. If you are also sick of winter, rain, hail, and generally unseasonably cold, never ending winters, then h… Read more »

  • MealShare Ottawa x The Red Apron

    We have been waiting a while to talk about this new venture we’ve recently embarked on – and the day is here! We’re always looking for different ways we can use what we do at the Red Apron to support our community. We know all too well the power of foo… Read more »

  • Hop on The Bus with The Red Apron

    On Sunday June 18th we’ll be headed out at 10am for the next in our series of Hop on the Bus events! Previously we’ve visited farms, eateries, shops and markets all over our region, from Castlegarth Restaurant in Whitelake, to Clarmell on the Rideau ju… Read more »

  • Red Apron in the Community

    At the Red Apron we are all about our community; Our staff at the shop thrives because we all work hard to support each other and ensure our/their needs are met to the best of our abilities, both from a work and home life perspective. We take care of e… Read more »

  • Build a Better Salad

    In the spring we see the return of greenhouse greens at the farmer’s market.  We can begin eating fresh local vegetables for lunch and dinner and a quick and easy meal is a salad – so let’s build a better salad! A salad can be a real thing of beauty, b… Read more »

  • Against The Grain Farms – Gooey Double Chocolate Barley Flour Waffles

    Experimenting in the kitchen is something we challenge ourselves with all the time as a company. Unknown ingredient? Let’s taste it and get to work. New local cheese? Let’s find out what we can pair it with and how we can use it in our take home meals…. Read more »

  • Happy Hour with Kinsip Distillery

    We’re always on the lookout for exceptional wares made by inspiring people in our community and beyond, so when the news surfaced that the old 66 Gilead was changing hands we waited anxiously to hear the news of what was to come. And what came is one o… Read more »

  • Mad for Maple this March

    March 2017 In March, we go ‘mad for maple’ at the Red Apron. Every fresh meal we prepare during the month will have at least a touch of maple in it somewhere. For the maple sap to run, the nights must be cold – below freezing – without being too cold…. Read more »

  • Memorable Tastes

    February 2017 Looking back over my photos of 2016, I realize that I enjoyed more than my fair share of travel. My photo collection documents all of the things I ate along the way and I wanted to share some of my most memorable mouthfuls from 2016 The V… Read more »

  • Food Trends for a Healthier You in 2017!

    January 2017 I am not a fan of dieting. I dislike trendy diets and worry about any form of extreme behavior, especially when it comes to eating. However, I think it’s always a good idea to review your habits, inform yourself about the foods you eat, an… Read more »