• Red Apron – Tips for a Green Christmas

    I have to be honest and say that Black Friday has never sat well with me. The Holiday season, and all the spending that surrounds it, causes me to become a touch anxious. During my childhood, we saw our Christmas tree reflect how our our society was ch… Read more »

  • Countdown to Christmas at the Red Apron

    It’s official. We are four weeks away from Christmas and that means preparations are in full swing at the Red Apron. We have started decorating the store, hanging the ornaments & decorating the windows. Whether we are ready or not, it’s coming. So… Read more »

  • Red Apron Leftovers for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    I consider myself the ‘Leftover Queen’. I can look into an empty fridge or freezer that is full of odds and ends, and within 30 minutes I can produce an amazing meal for 4-6 people. It’s my superpower and I am not shy to brag about it. But I have a sec… Read more »

  • Red Apron on Paying it Forward

    At the Red Apron we have many occasions throughout our day to feel good about the service we provide. It’s such a privilege to know the work you do is meaningful and important. It’s not always easy to feel valued in the service industry, where wages ar… Read more »

  • Recipes & Tips for November

    I find that November can be a boring, dark month, and the weather isn’t always ideal for spending time outdoors. With the November Time Change the days are shorter, the nights are longer and colder, and our ‘nesting’ instinct seems to kick in. Here are… Read more »

  • Halloween Celebrations at Red Apron!

    We are celebrating Halloween this week at the Red Apron. This means we are loading up with seasonal treats and special surprises.  Our Red Apron Dinner to your Door Halloween meal is a colourful mixture of seasonal ingredients including Ontario Berkshi… Read more »

  • Red Apron Celebrates the Colours of Fall!

    This is the most beautiful time of the year to live in Ottawa/Gatineau. We are privileged to be treated to a spectacular colour show put on by Mother Nature. People travel from all over the world to drive through our countryside and see the lights and… Read more »

  • Giving Thanks at the Red Apron

    This is the time of year for expressing gratitude for our abundance – of food, friend, family and good fortune. This year, we cooked Thanksgiving dinner for over 1500 people in Ottawa. Our team worked extra hard to make this happen, as this volume is i… Read more »

  • Red Apron Celebrates Apple Season!

    It’s Apple Season! Apples were first cultivated in Canada by early French settlers in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley around 1633. While Nova Scotia can claim much of Canada’s early apple-related history, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and British Colum… Read more »

  • The Red Apron is Working Towards a Greener Future

    There are a number of ways that the Red Apron tries to be a good environmental citizen. We drive electric cars, support local growers and producers, recycle cardboard, cans and bottles, save all our food waste for local farmers to feed to their pigs (t… Read more »