Asparagus Season in HERE!

This is not a drill: Asparagus season is HERE and Rideau Pines Farm has been bringing us the crunchiest, most flavourful spears around town. We’re excited to welcome their homegrown goodies back into regular rotation on our menu!

Rideau Pines is a 25-acre operation that grows berries, vegetables and herbs on a small but mighty slice of land 20 minutes from Ottawa. Though it may indeed be small, the family that owns it have big personalities and a true passion for producing some of the city’s most sought-after fruits and veggies, for families, restaurants and food shop’s like our own.

The abandoned 50-acre dairy farm was purchased in 1980 by John and Saundra Vandenberg, with half of the land now reclaimed for growing purposes. It is now run with their sons Paul and Matt, making this farm business a true family affair. Their pick-your-own options at the farm are a wonderful way to teach kids about where our food comes from or to spend a sunny afternoon with friends. They deliver produce delivery to some of Ottawa’s best restaurants and shops. Rideau Pines offers a little bit of everything so we can all get a taste of homegrown, local treasures. The farm also employs three farmers from Jamaica through the Foreign Agriculture Resource Management Services (F.A.R.M.S) which is a non-profit that helps facilitate and coordinate the processing of requests for foreign seasonal agricultural workers.

Our menu is going to be flush with asparagus over the next few weeks so have a peek at what’s coming and be sure to give us a call or email to order your meals before they’re gone.

Since you’ll also be seeing asparagus popping up at local markets and grocery stores, we wanted too share some inspiration for working with asparagus in your kitchen, too! Enjoy.

Asparagus Inspiration

1. Asparagus Salad with Sesame Chili and Lime Dressing

2. Grilled Asparagus and Potato Salad with Lemon, Scallion and Charred Garlic Dressing

3. Rustic Spelt Quiche with Asparagus and New Potatoes

4. Pesto and Ricotta Filled Asparagus and Radish Tarts

5. Warm Asparagus with Buttery Chive Breadcrumbs

6. Spring Strawberry and Asparagus Quinoa Salad

The asparagus growing season is short and sweet, so get out there and enjoy our homegrown treasures!