This was my first time farming out the turkey job to someone else so I was pretty nervous.  Somehow you guys have the magic: I just followed your instructions. The turkey was better I think that I could have done, and my goodness, there was plenty for big appetites with leftovers. You have our special gratitude for creating such a wonderful holiday dinner that allowed me to actually sit a bit, and enjoy my company.

– Kelly


We want to thank you for the great beer menus you put together this October. As beer aficionados, we particularly appreciate that you are highlighting the craft beer produced around the Ottawa region. Great idea and, as a result, delicious meals!

– Hugue


My wife is recovering from Cancer and is currently almost house bound. We have had 2 meals so far and couldn’t be more delighted. The food is interesting, well presented, and comes out of the oven like it was delivered in a good restaurant. On top of that the taste is at least 4 star or better and the portions are ample!

– Gerry


I had to write to tell you how much our family enjoys your meatless meals. I am thrilled that we can enjoy tasty vegetarian food- it has opened our eyes and made us re-think the meat and potatoes meals we have grown accustomed to.



Your celebration of women and your staff in particular was inspiring! I hope that you recognize that, as the models to those around you including myself, you deserve as much praise as you gave. And you are also exceptionally kind.

Wishing you well in all your enterprises,

– Ann


My family used to get the meal services for a long time … we all loved the food! [My class] assignment requires me to develop a business strategy for a local company and present the proposal to the class, acting as the CEO. I can’t wait to tell the class about Red Apron … Thank you for making good food.

– Gillian


Just want you to know that my husband and I comment all the time on how wonderful your service is. We call you “the marriage-saver”. Thank you so much for making it possible for our family to have healthy meals without having to scramble around after work to cook.

– Alison


A special thank you to the team and delivery drivers!! We got our meal Wednesday eve and, after the smowmeggedon of Tuesday, it made Ottawa good again! All was as it should be when I arrived home to find dinner in spite of buried sidewalks and cars.
– Michelle


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Valentines dinner with us. Every bite was more delicious than the last. I also loved the way it was so creatively thought out, with appetizers to munch on while we got the oven heating, soup to savour while the main course cooked, then that luscious dessert. It made for a lovely, delicious evening and I am sincerely grateful and impressed. (Even my husband noticed all the care that went into it — from the back story of the Childs, to the valentine and candle, to pistou to garnish the soup.) You  have created such a vibrant, successful business with integrity and great taste — you should be so proud!



You made me love food again, after we had fallen in to the “working people’s rut” about meals.