I had the privilege of tasting two of your Amazing meals this weekend. A friend was so kind to purchase them in order to give me more free time to spend with my husband while he is in the hospital recovering from a heart attack. Thank you for making life easier on families! Hat’s of to you and your team!



Over the last two years my husband has been battling Cancer. My extended family set up an account allowing us to have dinner delivered. I can’t tell how much we have not only appreciated my family’s generosity – but also your amazing soups, casseroles and dinners! So, for all the fabulous meals, many kindnesses, and that wonderful Christmas Dinner, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have made our lives more manageable during a very difficult and stressful time.



Thank you for being incredible supporters of our community and for providing such a wonderful service.  We often comment at home that when we pick up your meals, everyone looks happy to be working at Red Apron.  We, in return, are happy customers.



I just wanted to say a big thank you for the great food yesterday. It was a huge hit at our family party‎. Everything turned out beautifully and made the planning so easy.



This meal makes reminds me of going over into my best friend’s house and sharing laughs over a feast prepared by her and her Indian mum. Gratitude for the lovely meal.



The delivered meals are a godsend to someone like me, who values quality meals with family but does not have the time to do them during the week!  And I love that there is usually enough for lunches the next day. Oh and the food is mega mega yummy 🙂



We just want to tell you how much we enjoy our weekly delivery of scrumptious meals. Tonight’s meal was exceptional – vibrant, unexpected flavours that when combined made for an excellent meal, and always so thoughtfully prepared. Thank you for paying attention to all details, great and small.  We really appreciate your concerted efforts in sourcing local, organic, healthy ingredients.   We feel your meals are made with that extra ounce of kitchen love… as though you’re cooking for families of your own.  Yours in health and great food!



I want to thank you and the Red Apron staff for the absolutely wonderful Valentine Day “dinner for two”!  It was superb.  It really scored brownie points with my wife.



What can we say about this delicious , decadent and delectable dinner incroyable!!! We enjoyed every morsel.



Red Apron has been a saviour at a challenging time, through the raising of 2 children and the stress and strain of a particularly challenging 2 years of work.  We’ve enjoyed Red Apron’s incredible creativity and variety, all while adhering to such an important philosophy. Ottawa is lucky to have you.