I was in the store last week and raved to one of your employees about how much we are enjoying this meal delivery service (and all of the take away meals you have in your shop!) I’m a grade 2 teacher, my husband is a crazy busy realtor, we have two young children with a third on the way in just a few weeks. The fresh, healthy, ethically sourced meals have been a LIFE SAVER and I’m a better teacher and mom when I know I’ve got one coming and don’t have to stress about dinner 🙂

Please let all of your employees know just how fantastic we think you all are!

– Meghan


I knew that I would have a difficult day on Wednesday, so ordered the dinner to cheer myself up. As it turned out, the day was far worse than expected, and the dinner far better. You made my day.



Great mushy peas tonight! Better than we’ve ever had in England.



Hello- Life got in the way of telling you our dinner the other night was right from heaven! Thank you so much for giving me a break!

– Geri


Thank you for filling our bellies with utter deliciousness tonight. Faaaabulous meal. Well done!



Many compliments to your kitchen for tasty and imaginative dishes. Supporting your community ethical responsibility is a wonderful bonus.



That you orchestrate such fabulous meals day after day, after week after month, is amazing.



I wanted to thank you again for your last minute help with placing our order. I know that receiving these meals was a huge help for the grieving family. Such excellent customer service does not go unnoticed.



I had the privilege of tasting two of your Amazing meals this weekend. A friend was so kind to purchase them in order to give me more free time to spend with my husband while he is in the hospital recovering from a heart attack. Thank you for making life easier on families! Hat’s of to you and your team!



Over the last two years my husband has been battling Cancer. My extended family set up an account allowing us to have dinner delivered. I can’t tell how much we have not only appreciated my family’s generosity – but also your amazing soups, casseroles and dinners! So, for all the fabulous meals, many kindnesses, and that wonderful Christmas Dinner, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have made our lives more manageable during a very difficult and stressful time.