Our Values

Our Team

Our TeamAt the Red Apron, we feel lucky to work with people who bring enthusiasm, dedication and creativity to their jobs every day. Our people express their passion for food, nutrition & the environment through the work they do, and we strive to provide them with an opportunity to grow their skills and experience, while fostering a creative work environment.

Growers & Producers

growers_producersThe red apron uses ingredients from local farmers, producers and small family enterprises in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Our suppliers produce delicious food in ecologically friendly ways to ensure the tastiest baked goods, highest-grade regional meats, and freshest pesticide-free produce, prepared with care.


customersOur customers care about their health & the environment, and by supporting our the red apron, they are keeping their food dollars in our local economy. Hundreds of people are positively impacted by their decision to shop at the Red Apron, including our employees, local farms, producers, distributors and their families.

About Us

We are residents of our community and active participants in our local economy. Our team is committed to getting people ‘back to the table’ eating healthful, delicious food and our table includes you!

Our menus change daily, weekly and seasonally using ingredients that are source locally (when possible), and at their freshest. Our list of local farmers and producers is lengthy, and through these relationships your food dollars support hundreds of people in our community.

We value the connection between food, human health, and the wellness of our community. How we spend our food dollars is an important statement about our priorities.

Our clients appreciate our commitment to these values. Our service is well suited to clients who want to eat consciously, and who also lead busy lives. Our service offers the gift of time – time to spend with family and friends.

For an inside look into what goes on at the Red Apron, check out this amazing video documentary created by our friend and documentary film maker, Annick Gold.